Crack the Code Free iPhone app Review


In the Crack the Code Free iPhone app you will have to see if you have what it takes to crack the secret code that has been challenged to you by the computer.  You will have to see if you can unlock the secret before you run out of guesses.  This is one of the best codebreaker apps out for the mobile market, especially the iPhone.  Pretty much your phone will pick a unique sequence of colored dots and you will have to  try and find out the exact order of the sequence before your guesses run out.


  • Even though this is a free game to download onto your iPhone, it still does a great job of delivering some great graphics that you will enjoy looking at while you are playing the game
  • One of the other great features about the game is that it has some incredible background music.  Add to that a good mix of exciting sound effects and you have yourself a fun little game to play over and over again
  • The game also can be customized and personalized a bit.  For one, you can actually go into the settings tab and toggle through the different difficulty settings to find one that matches your skill set
  • You can also use a few different modes in case you are colorblind.  In the letters mode you won’t have to worry about being able to see the different colors because they will be letters instead
  • One of the other great things about the game is that it has an automatic save function so that if you get off your phone for an important phone call or text, you can immediately get back on and start playing from where you left off


The Crack the Code game is a pretty simple game with a simple job.  It actually is a pretty fun little game and can be pretty addicting to play.  You will find yourself spending more time on this game the you would think.  It is also kind of cool that they offer a little mode for anyone that might be colorblind so that they can still play the game as well.  They just use letters instead of colors so that you can still distinguish between the two.

This app has only been given a rating of 3 stars by iPhone app users that have reviewed it.  The main plus to this gaming app is that you can download it for free.

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