CBS Sports Men’s College Tourney Blackberry app Review


As March Madness rolls around it is important that every college basketball fan finds some way to stay connected to all of the hype and upsets that go on in the NCAA Tournament.  With the CBS Sports Ment’s College Tourney Blackberry app you can do just that.  The CBS Sports Mobile app allows you to get up to the minute scores, news updates, player stats, and notifications throughout the entire tournament.

Another great perk to this little Blackberry app is that you even get an interactive tournament bracket that you can fill out and update as the games are played.  That way you can constantly check your bracket and see how your teams are doing.  This app also lets you connect to twitter and email so you can share stories, pictures, and updates with and of your buddies that are also following the games.

The CBS Sports Men’s College Tourney app also follows the teams prior to the NCAA tournament.  You can see which teams won their conference championships and which ones got the at-large bids.  This is a great tool to keep you informed and help you in your predictions of which team is going to take it all in the big tournament.  Have some fun and stay connected to your favorite college basketball teams through the CBS Sports Mobile app.


  • Is connected to social networking sites like Twitter, and also is connected to your email so you can share top stories and instant updates
  • Includes a tournament bracket that you can manipulate as March Madness continues on
  • Has live scores and frequent updates during games
  • You can see previews of games that are coming up and also see the recaps of the games that were just played
  • Get up to date sports news headlines so that you don’t miss a beat during the post season
  • You get instantly updated player stats and game scores through the entire college basketball NCAA tournament


For the Blackberry, this is one of the better sports blackberry apps out there.  It does a good job of keeping you updated and informed on each and every game that is played in the tournament.  You will love the instant updates and the live player stats that are constantly updated.  However, this app is only really good during a couple months out of the year.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by Blackberry app users and is currently free to download.

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