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Cartoon Wars iPhone app Review

Description: You are a member of the long oppressed “Black and White” tribe that has been the slaves of the “Color Tribe” for thousands of years.  You and your... Read On

Calorie Tracker App – Achieve Your Diet and Fitness Goals app Review

Description: This health and fitness iPhone app is currently on sale and is running for only $0.99 rather than its typical $2.99 asking price.  This is one of those... Read On

The Price is Right 2010 iPhone App Review

Description: This is the latest edition of the popular The Price is Right franchise.  It is the 2010 edition and has even more pricing games, updated states, impressive 3D... Read On

N.O.V.A. – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance iPhone App Review

Description: N.O.V.A., or Near Orbit Vanguard alliance combine intense action, aggressive aliens, and the survival of mankind all into one incredibly fun iphone app.  The game starts off with... Read On

iHandy Carpenter iPhone App Review

Description: This is one of the easiest to use carpenter tool kits in the world!   You can get the entire tool kit of five professional tools without having to... Read On

Bejeweled 2 iPhone Apps Review

Description: Anyone that is into strategy games has probably run into, or at least heard about the Bejeweled Franchise.  It is one of the top played apps to ever... Read On

5-0 Radio Pro: Live Police + Music Scanner App Review

Description When it comes to police scanners, this iphone app can’t be beaten.  Just barely updated, the 5-0 Radio Pro allows over 80,000 users to tap into almost 35,000... Read On

Plants vs. Zombies iPhone App Review

Plants vs. Zombies This iphone app is a great way to pass the time when you are sitting on the bus, in the waiting room at the dentist, or... Read On

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