Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter iPhone app Review


In the Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter iPhone app you will be taken back to a majestic land where the creatures are larger than life.  This game boasts some incredible 3D graphics and smooth gameplay and you will feel like it is a console worthy title, except that it only costs $5.00.  You will have to use a non linear approach as you hunt some big game and try and track down the large beasts.  You will have to outsmart the AI in order to make the kills.  There are also a couple of different gameplay modes that you can participate in.


  • This gaming app is the new Jurassic Park.  You will be able to see Dinosaurs in 3D and you will love the detailed graphics and designs that have gone into the creation of this game
  • In the game you will be able to see a variety of the herbivorous creatures as well as the carnivorous.  This will depend largely on what level you are playing at. The plant eaters for the beginners and the meat eaters for the experts
  • There are six different types of weapons that you can use in the game to take down your prey.  There are guns such as the sniper rifle, and also the x-bow
  • You will have to learn how to use the map and the radar effectively in order to be able to find all of the different dinosaurs that you are looking for.  You can then track them down and then capture them
  • There are a couple of different game modes in this app including the Hunting mode and also the Survival mode
  • In the Hunting gameplay mode you will have to use a non-linear hunting strategy in order to get the full experience.  You will get to just roam through the huge landscapes and track down and hunt a bunch of different monsters
  • In the Survival mode you will have a little less of a casual approach.  You will be timed in this mode and you will have to avoid all of the dinosaurs that are trying to eat you.  The mode will start off pretty slow but it will start to pick up as the dinosaurs start getting hungry and you will want to be the last man standing
  • There are also some leader boards that you can check out to see who the best players are in the world.  The app is also connected to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook so you can post scores and times
  • One of the other fun things you can access is the Dino Trophy Room to see your achievements and recognitions


Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?  And who doesn’t love them in 3D?  This app has its issues but it is still a cool idea and is definitely worth a look.

This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars on the iPhone and costs $4.99 to download.

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