BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak iPhone app Review


In the BioDefense:  Zombie Outbreak iPhone app you will be able to explore different environments as well as the wastelands in order to defend your base from evil zombies.  The zombies attack quickly and in hordes.  You will have to strategically build your defenses and expand to find more helpful resources to help keep you alive.  There are six different types of enemies that all react differently to your weapons and building tactics.  See how long you can survive!


  • This game takes elements of a bunch of different strategy games and puts it all into one.  You will see a mixture of RTS as well as TD that is included in the game play
  • There are a few different game modes that you can take part in.  One of the game modes is the Survival mode where you will be able to play against endless enemies and try to unlock new content and bonuses
  • The challenges come quickly and without warning.  You will be able to try and accomplish ten different missions as you progress through the meat of the game
  • The enemies are also varied.  You will see six different types of enemies that will attack you.  Each of these different baddies will have different behaviors and mannerisms
  • You will have to push back huge onslaughts of enemies time and time again.  These huge waves of enemies make the game interesting and you will have to prepare for them
  • You can upgrade your buildings as well as research additional tech.  You will have to do this in order to build fortifications strong enough to repel the zombie enemies
  • As you move through the game you will be able to unlock a bunch of different bonuses.  These bonuses include extra missions as well as information about the enemies that you are fighting
  • This app is integrated with OpenFeint so that means you will be able to see the different leaderboards that are online and see where you fit with all of the other players
  • There are actually 25 different achievements that you can get through the use of the OpenFeint integration


This is a type of tower defense game that lets you pit your weapons up against a zombie horde that is coming in to destroy you.  At times it shows flashes of brilliance but otherwise falls a little bit short of being a game that you would suggest to all of your other nerdy buddies.  It’s still fun in its own right, and with the current price tag it still is somewhat of a steal.

This app has garnered decent reviews.  It currently sits at a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars and has been rated thousands of times.  It currently only costs $0.99 to download onto your iPhone.

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